Vantage Point & rPhone (6.6) - 06/2017

Release notes Vantage Point 6.6 and rPhone 6.6


Vantage Point - New features and updates:

  • Introduced ISP (Internet Service Provider) detection.
  • New Show filtering option allowing Hosts and support staff to show or hide users who left the Adobe Connect meeting room.
  • New placeholder feature that maintains a users placement in Vantage Point so when the user leaves the Adobe Connect meeting room and returns to the same session the placeholder feature enables them to maintain the same spot in the Vantage Point console.
  • Ability to mute/unmute users and see users' contact details by mousing over the phone icon when using the rPhone in conjunction with Vantage Point.
  • Hosts have the ability to share the results of Vantage Point challenge questions.

Vantage Point - fixes:

  • Resolved the Welcome Popup for custom sessions.
  • Enhancements to camera stability in Adobe Connect.
rPhone - New features and updates:
  • Ability to enter a project/billing code for ZipDX tracking with your events. This new field within the rPhone settings allows for custom text to be automatically added to ZipDX charge record for your conference.

rPhone - fixes:

  • Resolved scroll bar responsiveness when scrolling up and down the length of the attendee list exceeded the available real-estate.


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