Refined Course Tags

The Refined Course Tag allows for the Course Fields to be dynamically populated throughout the course page and the Refined Reminders feature. This function centralizes the source of course-related information to avoid having to duplicate the same information in multiple locations.

The Refined Course Tag takes the form [[course#coursefieldshortname]] and must be in all lowercase letters. The tag may be used with system standard Course Fields or Custom Course Fields created by the administrative team.

See the Refined Custom Course Fields entry for more information about creating Custom Course Fields and Course Field Categories


Using the Refined Course Tag in a Course

The Refined Course Tag may be used in two locations in a course:

  • In any HTML editor or text field on the course page and
  • In the Course Summary on the Course Settings page.

Go to the Settings Block>>> Course Administration>>> Edit Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page where additional fields are found, for example: Custom fields.  Populate any fields you will be using in the course.  If you are not using a field, leave it blank or at its default setting.

When using the [[course#]] functionality in the Course Summary, the information populating the fields will appear in the course description on the front page.  For example, if the course summary is written as shown below:

Then the Course description accessed from the Front Page will display as:

You can insert the tag in labels or topic summaries on the course page.  For example, using [[course#summary]] in the first topic summary like this:

Displays the Course description at the top of the course page like this:

The short names of the pre-existing Course fields are as follows:

  • id – course ID number generated by the LMS
  • category – category under which the course is placed in the LMS
  • fullname – the full or long name of the course
  • shortname – the short name of the course (as it appears in the “crumb trail” at the top of the page)
  • idnumber - course ID number generated outside the LMS to match the course to outside systems
  • summary – the course summary or description, as it appears inside the Course summary found in the Edit course settings page. 
  • lang – language used to deliver the course
Customized course fields can be created and then used within the Refined Course Tag. To create a new course field go to Site administration>>>Courses>>>Course field.  The display screen will list the short name required for the tag

See the Refined Custom Course Fields entry or more information about creating the fields and field categories.

Using the Refined Course Tag in a Reminder

The Refined Course Tag may also be used in a Reminder to include any information that has been selected or created for a course though Course Fields.  To add a Refined Course Tag to an existing reminder go to Refined Tools>>> Browse Reminders and select the Edit icon.  In addition to the Available fields listed below the HTML editor of the reminder, you can add pre-existing or newly created Course Fields  to the body or subject line of the reminder using the [[course#shortname]].  You can also add User fields to the body of the Reminders in the same fashion.  They take the form [[user#fieldshortname]], such as [[user#city]].

If you are using Refined Course Tags in Refined Reminders the Reminder must be associated with a course or it will simple display the tag and no data will be pulled.

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