Restrict Access Enhancements

Refined Training has added additional options to the existing Restrict Access options for sections, topics and activities.  

Some restrictions that were previously set by using Refined Tags are now restricted by using the restrict access settings in the Restrict Access Options.  These options simplify the process to ensure users see only content that is appropriate for them to see. 

You can learn more about the basic functions at:

The Refined Options

The options added by Refined Training are:

First Login – this option allows you to show certain activities or messages to users who are new to the site and/or to users who have used your site before.  The two options are Less than or More than and the number of hours can be typed in.

A typical use of this option is to show one message to users logging into your site for the first time (First Login is Less than 24 hours).  You might want them to look at an introductory video the first time they log in.  When they log in the next day, they will not see the video.  You can leave a different message or content for users who have visited your site more than a day ago (First Login is More than 24 hours) or any amount of time that you wish, specified in hours.

Troubleshooting Tip: If a label is still displaying after the first login, an additional step may be required to ensure the label permissions are set as follows:

Go to the label >>> Edit >>> Assign roles.  Then select "Permissions" from the Administration menu.  On this page under "View Hidden Activities" ensure "Authenticated User is not listed under "Roles with permissions".  If listed, simply click the "X" to remove this user role. 

User Logged In - when enabled the user must be logged in to view the restricted content.

User Language – this option allows you to show certain activities or messages to users based on their selected language.

User Role – this option allows you to ensure that users with a particular role see certain messages or content and users without that role do not see it.

These options can be used alone or in combination with any of the other new or basic functions. For example, you can use these new options to make sure that new users whose language is French and who have the role of Editing Teacher see a message that other users on the site do not see.

When you set Restrict Access conditions on a topic section, everything in the topic section will be restricted, including any resource or activity in the topic.  When you set Restrict Access conditions for an Activity or Resource, only that Activity or Resource will be restricted; everything else in the topic will be accessible by all users.  It is certainly possible to restrict a topic section by language and then to restrict the PDFs uploaded to that topic section to various roles, such as Editing Teacher or Students.




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