Refined Personalizing Tags

Refined Personalizing Tags allow for the creation of personalized text in the LMS. The information each individual user sees throughout the site can be customized personally to them. This includes: a first name greeting when the user logs in, displaying information in the preferred language of the user and many other customizing options. Anywhere within Moodle that displays a HTML editor (such as course summaries, labels, descriptions, etc.), you can insert Refined Personalizing Tags to create a one-of-a-kind experience for each user.


Refined Tags to Personalize the Text

The Personalizing Tags always begin and end with double square brackets and include the tag type followed by a hash tag:

[[user#_____]] or [[lang#___]] or [[mymeetings#_____]].

The chart below show a list of a few Refined Personalizing Tags that can be integrated:


 Replaced with the user’s first name


 Replaced with the user’s last name


 Replaced with the user’s city

 [[lang#en#Please enter]]

 Language specific insertion of text. Prints “Please enter” if the user’s language is set to English (en).

 [[lang#frca#Entre S’il vous plait]]

 Prints “Entre S’il vous plait” if the user’s language is set to French (frca).


 Produces a customized listing of AC meetings that the logged in user is invited/authorized to attend within the next 14 days. The number of days is variable.

Refined Personalizing Tags support all the default personal profile fields with the [[user#]] tag and are not limited to just the fields shown above. We do not display usernames or passwords for obvious reasons but each user only sees their own information, never anyone else’s.

Clients whose sites run RT 3.0 or higher can also use the Restrict Access Enhancements to further customize the end user's experience.

Here is an example of using a Refined Personalizing Tag in a topic section summary:

How it will appear once saved:

My Meetings Tag

Using the My Meetings Refined Tag [[mymeetings#__]] produces on the Front Page a customized listing of Adobe Connect meetings that the logged-in user is invited or authorized to attend within a set period of time in the future. The number of days is variable but 14 days is most often used:

The dates display by the My Meetings tag are the dates from Adobe Connect. If you are reusing your meeting rooms, the date for a reused meeting will not be updated in Adobe Connect and therefore, nothing will appear in the My Meeting section after the first use of that room.

Do not use the My Meetings tag if you use groupings to restrict access to multiple meetings in a course.  My Meetings will display all meetings to all users, regardless of grouping.

More User Tags

Here's a list of existing profile fields that may be used in the [[user#]] tag, while custom user profile fields are pulled in to the tag using the short name of the field:














Other Refined Tags that provide personalization on the RT2 Platform

Other Refined Tags include:

Refined Course Tags that draw information from Custom Course Fields


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