Manager Invites Block

Users who are designated Managers can review, add or delete members from their team via the Manager Invites block on the Front Page:

The Invite Team option allows a Manager to invite up to five people at a time to join their team. If the Manager wants to invite more than ten people, he or she must contact the LMS administrator for assistance:

The Pending Invitations section indicates whether any of the invitations already sent have not been accepted by the invitees:

The invitees receive the invitations by email and can choose to accept or refuse:

When the invitee accepts, they are taken to the site and they can either log in or create an account. Once logged in, they see a message confirming whether they have accepted or declined:

Invitees who must create an account will need to return to the invitation message and click on Accept again

 The Manager receives a corresponding message in an email:

The Manager can select the Team Members option in the block to see not only who is currently a member of the Manager’s team, it allows the Manager to delete a team member or to invite more new members to join:


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