Form Edit Rules

Form edit rules allow you to customize what fields appear on account creation forms throughout the system. Some forms include the webinar registration forms, the user profile seen by users, and the user profile seen by administrators. 


Controlling which fields appear using Form Edit Rules

All standard profile fields will default to displaying on all forms, with the exception of the webinar form. Similarly, with custom profile fields (create by administrators) where “display on sign up page” is set to Yes, the field will appear on ALL user forms in the system.

The Form Edit Rules feature makes it possible to tailor specific sign-up forms throughout the LMS. It also allows for the Workbook report for webinar / sponsored webinar registrations to display specific user data collected in the registration forms. Click here to learn more about using the webinar registration form.

To modify form fields, go to Site administration>>> Plugins>>> Local Plugins>>> Form Edit Rules.

Adding Rules

Some pre-existing rules may appear in the list of Form Edit Rules.  To add a new rule, click on Add Rule:

  • Form Name – includes all system forms and determine where a field will appear (see list below)
  • Field Name – any of a number of specific fields that can be specified to appear or not appear on the user profile, the account creation form or the webinar workbook.  Custom fields must be input as: profile_field_{shortname}**

**the exception to this rule is when removing fields from the workbook (local_course_users) simply input the profile field shortname without “profile_field_” prefix.  

Custom Profile Fields must be created first, click here for information on Custom Profile Fields

The Form names are:

  • user_edit_form for the user on the user's edit profile page
  • login_forgot_password_form for the user on the forgot password page
  • user_editadvanced_form for administrators on the edit profile page
  • login_signup_form refers to fields that appear on the create a new account page
  • local_course_users refers to fields that are reported in the Workbook report
  • webinar_form for the webinar landing page. Click here to learn more about the webinar form fields.
  • enrol_form_enrol_form (sponsor webinar form) for ecommerce clients

Other options on the new rule dialog include:

  • Remove – yes or no; whether the field is to appear (No) or not appear (Yes) in the form indicated
  • Required – yes or no; whether the field is mandatory on the form indicated
  • Field Default – what value the field will contain until the user populates it; for example, it might contain a likely answer or a prompt to populate the field
  • Theme – the rule will appear on the entire site unless a sub-domain, as specified by its theme, is indicated. This is primarily used for clients using the webinar plug in.
  • Course – selects a particular webinar course for which the field is/is not requested to appear on the webinar registration form, Workbook or Download Users file.
When selecting a default value for the field do not use the required option as the default is recognized as being completed so the user will not need to enter a different value.

Removing default categories:

Moodle adds default categories which appear on the form, even if there is no information to reveal. To remove these categories, identify the category ID by highlighting the category, right clicking on your mouse and selecting inspect element.

Navigate to Site administration>>> Plugins>>> Local plugins>>> Form edit rules and create a new rule with the category ID. Set Remove to Yes, and the default category will not appear on the form.

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