Adobe Quiz settings to report to the LMS

When you create quizzes for the LMS, it is important that you publish the quizzes to Adobe Connect (AC) and not simply upload them.  This article describes the settings involved and how to configure them before you publish, so that AC will capture and report the scores properly to the LMS.  The the steps required to publish successfully are also shown.  As of Adobe 9, any Named Meeting Host or Author in AC can publish quizzes to the AC content library. Although the examples below reference Adobe Captivate, the settings are similar for Adobe Presenter. Both can be used to create and publish quizzes.  The concepts are similar for other programs that create quizzes and SCORM.

Preference Settings

From within Captivate go to Quiz>>> Quiz Preferences:

Enable Reporting for this project and select Adobe Connect as the LMS:

Under Data to Report, percentage is the default when Adobe Connect is selected. Interaction Data is also the default setting.

Publish Settings for Captivate

On the same menu location as Quiz Reporting, go to Project>>> Publish Settings.

For Frames per second, the default of 30 is appropriate inmost cases.

For Publish Adobe Connect Metadata–this adds information to your Adobe Captivate project file (SWF) that makes it easier to integrate the project into Adobe Connect. The embedded data links the Adobe Captivate CPTX file to the SWF file when you publish the project to the Connect Server and make sit easier for the Adobe Captivate output file to be found during searches.


Publishing in Captivate and in Presenter are very similar. Find the Publish icon on the tool bar and click on it:

In the pop-up that appears, select Adobe Connect server:

If required, select Change Server and input the URL to your Adobe Connect site:

You will have to add the URL only once; thereafter it will appear in the URL line and the Adobe Connect Server pop-up.

Enable the three options to Publish Project Files, Zip Project Files and Publish Video Files if they are not already enabled:

Advanced options

Force re-publish slides: If at anytime you find that the publish output does not match what is expected, a fail safe option is provided. This is available in the Publish dialog as Force re-publish all the slides. Selecting this option would force the incremental publish engine to publish all the slides whether they are modified or not.


If you need to republish a revised version of the quiz, upload it with the same name, so that the connection between Connect and the LMS will not have to be reset


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