User Report Block

The User Reports Block provides easy access to site administrators and users to a particular user’s recent activity or their LMS transcript. No one except the user and the site administrator can see the user’s Recent Activity or Transcript reports.

Block set up

To enable the user Reports Block, the site administrator goes to Site Administration>>> Plugins>>> Blocks>>> Manage Blocks. In the list of Blocks, enable User Reports block by clicking on the closed eye.

To have the block appear on the users’ profiles, an administrator must turn editing on for the front page then add the block to the front page. Edit where the block appears and set the page contexts to 'Display throughout the entire site'. Go to your profile page and again edit where the block appears and set 'Display on page types' to 'Only user profile pages'. Learn more here.

Note that when a new report is added by default it is hidden. If there is only one hidden report to display in the block, the user won't see the block until the report is unhidden. Do this by clicking the eye icon so that it is not crossed out.

When the block displays, the user has a choice of generating a Recent Activity report or a Transcript report, depending on what is required by the client.

  • Recent Activity – displays the activity that the user has taken on that day, including the module (course, user), action (view, edit) and the date and time. This report is available as a Excel spreadsheet download or a PDF download.
  • Transcript – displays any course that the user has enrolled in or has had assigned as complete plus the date they enrolled and the date the course was complete or assigned as complete. If a user has a course assigned as complete that they did not enroll in, under date enrolled they will see Never Enrolled. This report is also available as an Excel spreadsheet or as a PDF.

Sample Activity Report:

Sample Transcript:

To learn more about setting completion criteria for courses, see Completion Tracking inside a course in the Activity Completion Settings article.

To learn about assigning courses as complete for a user, review Course Assignment Tool in the Course Completion article.


The User’s Transcript Report contains the same information as the Flexible Certificate/Completion Report. The two reports agree as to which courses the User is enrolled in, whether the User completed any courses according to Completion criteria set or the Course Assignment tool and the dates on which the courses were completed or assigned as complete. Because it is a flexible report, you can filter for one or many users.



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