How to disable the Adobe Connect guided hints


For clients who are running Connect 9.4 and higher, it is possible to disable the guided hints that participants see when entering a meeting room. Disabling the hints requires Admin access to the server. (i.e. log into the target account as an Admin)


How to disable hints

After logging into the Adobe Connect account, paste the following URL in the browser window:


Where SERVERURL is replaced by the target account URL and ACCOUNT-ID is the Connect account ID that is found in the URL string after logging into the account.

If successful, a status code of “OK” will appear. This is an account wide setting and only needs to be done once per account.


Auto show Guided Hint API details for Release 9.4

To allow API users to enable or disable the Guided Hints at the meeting startup, set the *auto_show_guided_hint* flag as true (for enabled; the hints will appear at startup) or false (for disabled; the hints will not appear at startup).

If *auto_show_guided_hit* value is not present in pps_acl_fields table, then the guided hints will appear as usual.


Calling auto show Guided Hint API



{account-id }


{ <> true|false}


sets the *auto_show_guided_hint* flag as false.


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