Refined Settings

Refined Settings provide options to set default settings for local plugins.

Seven settings are currently available:

The Refined Settings page is located at Site administration >>>> Plugins >>>> Local plugins >>>> Refined settings.



Default blocks

When creating a new course, blocks are added to the course page by default. The default blocks settings let you determine which blocks appear on a new course page for the Refined Training platform.

The default blocks are set to display the Admin Bookmarks block and the Refined Tools block (admin_bookmarks and refinedtools). If this setting is left blank the system will auto add the following blocks to a new course page: 

  • Search forums
  • Latest news
  • Upcoming events
  • Recent activity

The default blocks will override settings for course blocks, but will not override settings on system blocks. Learn more about the Refined Tools block.


Course prerequisites

A course prerequisite allows an administrator to block an end user's ability to access a course based on completion of previous courses.

The course prerequisite setting is set to no by default. If enabled, users cannot enroll in courses unless prerequisite courses are completed. If disabled, they can enroll in the course but cannot complete it until prerequisite courses are completed. Learn how to use completed courses as prerequisites.


Simplified sign on

The simplified sign on allows users to access the Refined Training platform (LMS) by entering only an email address when using the webinar functionality. Users register for a course via the local/webinar link and an account is created for them using their email address as the username and  generating a password. This password is stored in the database and updated when the user accesses their account from the login page, using only their email address. If a user already exists on the site or they update their password they will need to use the Administrative Login that requires the username / password options to access the site, language strings can be updated on your site, as required, to provide instructions to existing users.

By default the simplified sign on is set to no. Setting this to yes, allows signing in with email only and no password. 


Override email defaults

RT servers have a security feature requiring that all "from" email addresses are validated by the server.  The site default for forum posts, teacher and manager notification emails is to send these as coming from the end user's email address.  To ensure these emails are delivered, the RT platform overwrites this default and sends all email notifications from the "No Reply" email address, which has been validated by the server.  

This setting should only be disabled when using an alternate SMTP server that does not require validation for outgoing emails, otherwise notifications sent from a user's email address will not be received.


Share with a friend feature

This setting enables the Share with a friend feature on the system.  This feature allows someone who has just registered for a webinar or live event to invite up to five colleagues at a time to register for the same event.


Enable instant regrade message on Connect quiz

The instant regrade message appears if no grade is reported on a Connect Quiz. A redirect message will display when selecting the "retry" link indicating the grade has not yet been returned and to try again in a few minutes. By default this is set to no in the refined settings. Learn more about Connect Quizzes.


Show additional fields on sign up form

The user sign-up form allows for email-based registration by the user. The form includes the fields of:

  • user name*
  • password*
  • email address*
  • first name*
  • last name*
  • company 
  • title
  • city/town
  • province/state
  • country
  • timezone*

The items marked with asterisks are mandatory fields.

For the location-based fields, the sign up form searches the user's browser java script to auto-populate and detect a user's location upon page load.

To display the fields for phone and mobile phone which fall under the additional details heading, two settings must be enabled: the show additional fields on sign up form and enable managers and locations.

  1. To enable the show additional fields on sign up form, navigate to site administration >>>> plugins >>>> local plugins >>>> refined settings >>>> and check the checkbox next to show additional fields of sign up form
  2. To enable the managers and locations, navigate to site administration >>>> plugins >>>> local plugins >>>> managers/locations >>>> and enable managers and locations


Enable category coloring

This setting enables the Multicolor course categories on the system.  This feature allows a color to be associated with categories and subcategories that will display throughout the site.


Retry link text for "Proceed when complete" functionality

Improve the overall flow of your course structure when using prerequisites to force the learner to complete the course activities in a linear fashion. By enabling restrict access, and hiding the next activity based on the user obtaining a grade or activity completion, this link will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the course page.

Use the HTML editor to input the customized text or image to be used with the "Proceed when complete" feature throughout the system. 


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