Breakout rooms

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Breakout rooms

The Adobe Connect breakout rooms allow hosts to divide participants into groups, each with its own private room for group work. The Vantage Point pod refines several components of administering breakout room assignments.


1). Vantage Point provides the functionality to start and stop breakout rooms from within the Vantage Point console.


2) .Vantage Point automatically reassigns a participant to their current breakout room if their connection drops. By default Adobe Connect always places a participant back in the main meeting if they reconnect and the host must move the participant back into their breakout room. With Vantage Point, this issue is resolved.


3). Vantage Point provides the ability to save the assignment of participants to groups and reload them between classes.


It can be time consuming to wait for all participants to access the meeting room and place them in the breakout rooms. With the import and export of groups, the host can save these breakout room assignments as an XML file. Then for each new meeting, the host reloads the XML file.


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