Ending a Vantage Point session

Click the video below to learn how to end a Vantage Point session and view the collected data. Or read the documentation.

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Ending a Vantage Point session and reviewing the data

When a meeting is over, the host can end the Vantage Point session by clicking the power button.


Vantage Point automatically displays a pop-up message with a link and URL to access the report containing data gathered during the session. Click view session data to open the session report.


The report displays information about each participant’s virtual environment, challenge summary for each participant, and question summary.


Use the Enable Editing button to update or change any participant’s answers to any session questions by locating the desired answer in the drop down menu for each question. After a new answer is selected, an exclamation mark appears under the selected answer. When the host hovers their mouse over this icon, the name of the person who edited the answer, along with a date and time stamp is shown.

The session history button in the console menu bar displays a listing of all meeting session data from the last 30 days.


Or select any dates from the calendar picker to select your own start and end points. Hosts can only see the session history reports they were hosts for. The administrator can use their administrative login to query reports across the entire account.


Vantage Point can report its gathered session data to the Refined Training platform via an API. The information is automatically communicated to the Refined Training LMS where participants can be graded based on their participation in the meeting room. Vantage Point can also report session data using the Tin Can xAPI protocols to a Learning Record Store.


With the wealth of information that Vantage Point gathers and the pod’s ability to provide this information to your learning management system, Vantage point is the perfect tool for tracking CPE, CME and CLE events.


When Vantage Point is used in conjunction with the Refined Training LMS, each attendee is assigned a grade based on the number of pop-up challenges they respond to during the live session. This makes it a perfect solution for live events where participants must confirm their active presence at regular intervals.


Those participants who meet your criteria for CPE/CLE issuance can be automatically emailed a fully personalised, secure PDF certificate by the LMS with no manual intervention as soon as the session ends.


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