Disable the Adobe Connect Guided Hints

If you've ever been frustrated and upset by the annoying Guided Hints that pop up for new users when they enter a meeting room, there is great news!


In Connect 9.4, it's now possible to disable the Hints using a simple API call. This requires Admin access to your account (i.e. you need to have logged into the target account as an Admin) and paste the following URL in your browser window: http://SERVERURL/api/xml?action=acl-field-update&acl-id=ACCOUNT-ID&field-id=auto_show_guided_hint&value=false, where SERVERURL is replaced by the target account URL (e.g. yourcompany.adobeconnect.com) and ACCOUNT-ID is the Connect Account ID that will be found in the URL string after logging into your account (e.g. 205667947 for Adobe hosted accounts or 7 if you have an on-premise deployment).


If all goes well, you should receive a status code of "ok" if the command is successful.
Good Luck! Click here to learn more.

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