Manage challenges

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Manage challenges

With a Vantage Point session started, the pod has the ability to present challenges and collect responses during the meeting. This is exceptionally helpful when a presenter needs to gauge the comprehension rate of their participants or participants are required to confirm their attendance to receive professional learning credits.


The ability to create and ask questions is located in the lower portion of the Vantage Point console. This question bar can be contracted or expanded based on needed space or removed from the console entirely.


To remove the question bar, select the pod session settings and set question bar enabled to no.


Presenters and hosts can create challenges by clicking the my questions button and entering the question in the space provided with up to five answers in the add a question tab. Each answer is assigned a color code with red colors being reserved for if the participant missed the question, if the participant was not present, or if the challenge was not presented because the participant declined tracking.


Click the “when asking” drop down menu to display the answer selections in the order they were entered or make them random. Scroll bars appear at the side of the question window for easy navigation.


Newly created questions can be limited to the instructor who created it, or can be made available to multiple presenters by selecting the checkbox to make the question available for all instructors linked to this account.


Click my questions to view all existing questions. Questions can also be deleted by clicking the “X” next to each question. The “x” deletes the question, but the answers to the deleted question are still maintained in the Vantage Point database.


To present a challenge to participants, select a question and click the question mark icon.


The challenge will appear to participants as a pop up message with an optional challenge sound. The pop up will remain on the screen until the participant answers or the timer on the question runs out.


The challenge sound and the duration the challenge appears to the participant are configurable within the session settings menu. Inside this menu, select if the question sound should be enabled or not, and set the number of seconds each participant has to answer the challenge.


As participants respond to the challenges, the host can see the responses in the color coded bar graph.


When the host mouses over any viewport, the most recent answer from that participant will appear.


The host can also use the bar graph on the right side of the question bar to see how groups of participants answered. By clicking on any of the colored answers, a list of the participants who answered the same way appears. That group of participants can be called on by clicking the webcam icon next to all.


For groups of participants who missed the question or were not present, the host can choose to pin this group by clicking the pin icon next to all.


Hosts can have questions asked at designated intervals. This is a great practice to ensure participants are engaged by setting the challenges to appear automatically, then minimizing the question bar so that the presenter is not distracted. To use this feature, select a question to ask, and select the minute intervals at which time the questions will be automatically presented to the participants.


A blue bar counts down the amount of time until each challenge is presented. The interval at which challenges are shown is set to include a minor variation so that participants cannot predict the time the questions will be asked.


After several challenges have been presented, Vantage Point will visually alert the host with an exclamation mark icon if an individual is achieving less than the default configured percentage passing score.


To set this minimum passing percentage, navigate to the session settings menu and set the percentage at which the alert appears.


By hovering over the exclamation mark the host can view how many challenges have been responded to out of the total number of challenges issued. And a small percentage of total responded challenges appears in the upper right corner of the participant viewport.


To view each individual participant’s responses, click the “i” icon on their screen. By scrolling over each colored answer, the individual response displays showing the question, the answer, and the date and time stamp for when the question was presented.


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