Release Notes (RT 3.1.1) 10/01/2014




 New Features:

• New Auto Issue Upon Completion feature: The certificate activity has been enhanced to allow a certificate to be automatically issued when the restrict access conditions are met.

• New Recommended and Required Course blocks: Simplify the learner's experience by providing a display of an individuals required and/or recommended courses as set by the enhanced profile field enrollment method.

• Enhancements to the Profile Field enrollment method: System Role, Managers and Locations are now options for setting course enrollment criteria.

• Enhancements to the Adobe Connect Authentication method: Administrators can now make Adobe Connect the master for password management.

• Log entries for Connect Activities: The Connect Activity logs have been customized to work with the new database structure of Moodle 2.7.

• Course Prerequisite feature: This features returns in RT-3.1.1 and prevents students from enrolling in courses when they have not completed a course that is defined as a prerequisite.



Minor Updates and Bug Fixes:

• Updating the title of the Course Locator block to the Advanced Search block.

• Workbook report: Registration date and time not pulling from correct table.

• Error when adding an essay question to a Moodle quiz.

• Fix applied to display of front page calendar.

• Fix to the blocks on the Refined Responsif theme so they are now dockable.

• Fix to restore error "invalid restore file." during course restore.

• Updates to the display of local/webinars/view page.

• Minor bug fixes related to the implementation of Refined Services.

• Grammar and spelling fixes.



Release date: 2014-10-01

Browser Required: IE 9 or higher, Chrome (latest) , Firefox (latest) , Safari (latest)

System Requirement: Discontinued support for Windows XP

Product Overview: Minor release after Moodle 2.7 upgrade (RT 3.1) based on the Moodle version 2.7 (Build: 20140512)

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