Release Notes (RT 3.4) MOCKINGBIRD - 11/15/2015


 The MOCKINGBIRD, RT 3.4 release, is here and introduces the new Connect Recording and Refined Video activities along with improvements to course flow, reporting and so much more! 


Custom time zones are being removed to use PHP standard time zones to ensure data compatibility with Report Builder and other systems integration.  User profiles will be updated to reflect the corresponding PHP time zone.

End users with time zone (- 5 EST) Eastern Standard Time will be changed to America/New_York in their profile.

This will not be impact the end-user experience. 
For any questions on this modification, contact the Refined Support Team.



New Features:

Connect Recording Activity with the ability to track positions and grade recordings from the LMS. 

Refined Video Activity with the ability to support closed captioning, multilingual content and enhanced video display options.  Important note: between now and the RT 3.5 release we will be working on our plan to retire the existing Connect Video activity. In the mean time there will be no interruption to your existing video activities but moving forward you will be required to use this new activity.

Report on total CEU Credits for end users with the new CEU data source for Report Builder. 

Report on activity completion and grades for end users with the Activity Completion data source for Report Builder.

SAML Authentication plug-in available for the login page using Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or your own identity provider. Learn more.

Improve course flow using the Proceed When Complete functionality for activities with Restrict Access.


Simple Reports structure providing permissions based access control to administrators.

Webinar Registration form now includes option to accept password field.

Display Certificate name or course name on issued certificates. Learn more.

Performance improvements to page load times when using Report Builder.


Minor Updates:

• Timing of site policy display

• Improvements to Elements theme navigation menu and design

• Improvements to PDF Acknowledgement settings

• Adjustments to the display of the My Meetings tag

• Certificate completion status now updates when certificate is automatically issued to the end user

• Updates to the Refined Services admin interface

• Advancements to the styling and functionality of Connect Activities

Bug Fixes:

• Ordering of the display for language strings for course enrollment

• Display of users in the Send Meeting Link functionality

• Visibility of Recommended & Required blocks: only show when courses appear in blocks

• Course completion to respect conditions when set to "ANY"

• Maintaining of certificate activity settings when duplicating

• Maintaining of Connect Activity settings when backing up and restoring courses



Version: RT 3.4 - Mockingbird Release

Production Release date: 2015-11-08

Browser Required: IE 9 or higher, Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest), Safari (latest).

System Requirement: Discontinued support for Windows XP

Product Overview: Minor release after Moodle 2.7 upgrade (RT 3.0) based on the Moodle version 2.7

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