Staying connected in Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect common connection issues

Start with the Adobe Connect Connection Test:

If you are experiencing issues connecting or staying connected to an Adobe Connect meeting room, your first step is to run the Adobe Connect Online Connection Test.  This utility will check the key components on your system and provide tips on how to resolve or optimize your connection.


Troubleshooting tips

If you continue to experience issues after running the Online Connection Test, see below for additional troubleshooting tips.

What do I do if my meeting room is frozen / not responding?

If your meeting room is frozen you can try:

  • Exiting and re-entering the meeting room
  • Opening the meeting in a different browser
  • Clear your browser cache or reset your browser
  • Switch to a hardwired connection (if using WiFi)
  • If you can't switch to hardwired connection, bring your computer as close as possible to the router
  • Restarting your computer


How can I see my connection status?

To view your connection status from inside an Adobe Connect meeting room, locate the connection bars at the top right corner of your meeting room.


By hovering your mouse over the bars, your connection status will display.  Or, you can click on the bars for more details.

Note: Weak signal is represented by a green half bar and a gray icon indicates  network disconnection.


What do I do if I lose my network connection?
When network connection is lost, a pop up message will appear stating "Network connectivity was lost."

Adobe Connect automatically tries to re-establish lost connections, but you may choose to manually attempt to reconnect by clicking the status indicator.


What is causing the delay between what the presenter is saying and the audio?
If you experience a delay in a presenter's audio, this likely points to a latency issue in your connection.

What type of latency should I have in Adobe Connect?
Latency that is 1000 milliseconds or less is generally good. A latency 2 seconds or less will produce OK results, but the video may not be in sync with the audio; and any latency above 2 seconds can cause a delay.

If you experience high latency, try:

  • Closing any extra running applications on your system that you don't need
  • Restart your router or modem
  • Switch to a hardwired connection (if using WiFi)
  • Check with your Internet Service Provider

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