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The Connect Recording activity allows recorded Adobe Connect sessions to be added to the LMS course page as a distinct gradable activity when using the Refined Data Auto Record feature that is available through the Vantage Point custom pod for Adobe Connect.  The Connect Recording activity provides several flexible grading options, the ability to run scheduled re-broadcasts of the event to control access monitoring of participation. 


  1. Creating a Connect Recording activity
  2. Iconic Display
  3. Grading Options

Creating a Connect Recording activity

Once you have a recording of your Adobe Connect meeting, you can add it as a Connect Recording activity from within any course page on the LMS . Select the Connect Recording activity from the list of activities available in the Activity Picker:

On the Connect Recording settings page, browse Adobe Connect to find the recorded session. This recording can be either associated with the meeting room or moved to the Content Library. The custom URL to the recording can also be added directly to the Custom URL field.

Once the URL field is populated, the LMS will pull the information from Adobe Connect and populate the Activity Name and Summary from the recording.

The Scheduled Date, when enabled, allows you to schedule a date and time for the recorded playback and treat it as an event with the ability to add it to the calendar and schedule Refined Reminders. Users who attempt to launch the recording before the scheduled day and time will receive a countdown timer.  Users who launch the recording after the scheduled time will have their participation counted from the time they join the playback.  Because of this, position grading will not work with this setting enabled.

The Hide Adobe player side bar and play bar setting removes the ability for users to skip to different positions in the recording and forces them to watch it in its entirety from start to finish.

 Iconic Display

Use the Iconic Display settings to specify how your Connect Recording icon will display on the course page.  Simply select the iconic configurations from the drop down menus or the check boxes.

The option Display on course page, enabled by default, displays the icon on the course page as oppose to directing user to the activity page and increasing their number of clicks to launch the content.  The icon that appears on the course and activity page will display according to the icon settings, such as size, position, extra text, etc.

From the Standard Icons select the size to appear, then the position, along with the suppression options and creating extra HTML, which will appear below the icon:


If selecting a custom icon, the Custom Icon File editor will be enabled, allowing you to add your own custom image.

To add a custom icon to be used as the standard icon for Connect Recording activity for the entire LMS, go to Administation>>> Site administration>>> Plugins>>> Activity modules>>> Connect Recording

On the Connect Recording activity page, find the option Custom Recording Icon:

Click on Add to browse your computer for an image to upload. Once uploaded and saved, this icon will be displayed for any Connect Recording activity using a standard icon. The option remains inside any particular course to select and upload a unique custom icon.

Grading Options

The Connect recording activity offers several flexible grading options but there can only be one activity associated with a recording file.  With the exception of simple grading, clients must have Vantage Point running in the meeting where the recording was made if they will be using grading methods based on position reached, duration viewed or participation. Be sure to review the requirements below to have the required custom pod activated in your meeting room during the recording.  

Simple Grading

When Simple Grading is enabled and the end user launches the recording activity they will achieve a grade of 100% in the course grader report.  This is the only grading option available for the Connect Recording activity if the Auto Record feature from Vantage Point is not used to record the meeting.

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Position Grading

Position grading pulls the position the user has reached in the recording, out of 100 possible positions, and reports that position back to the grader report. Thresholds are made available so the position reached can be then translated in to a percentage grade(s). The ability to grade based on positions is not available for scheduled playback session because it reports based on progression through the recording. If the end user is a few moments late, or if they skip ahead in a recording, they will miss the first few positions and their grade will be zero or the last consecutive position that was reached.

Enabling Position Grading:
Position grading is available when using the Auto Record feature from Vantage Point.  This is available at no charge to Refined Training hosted clients as part of the RT Platform. 

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Duration Grading

Duration grading pulls the total time the user has watched the recording and reports that duration backs to the grader report. Thresholds are made available so the duration watched can be then translated in to a different percentage value. If users skip through parts of the recording the time skipped is not calculated in the value of the duration.

Enabling Duration Grading:
Duration grading is available when using the Auto Record feature from Vantage Point.  This is available at no charge to Refined Training hosted clients as part of the RT Platform. 

Vantage Point Interaction Grading

When the enterprise version of Vantage Point is being used in the meeting, attendee responsiveness can be measured by the number of times (expressed as a percentage) that the attendees click on periodic screen messages to confirm that they are actively attending the meeting.  The default interval for the prompts is 15 minutes and the variance is 10 - 15 %, randomized automatically by Vantage Point.

Enabling Vantage Point Interaction grading:
Vantage Point Interaction grading is available when using the full version of the Vantage Point pod.  Click here for more information.

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