Setting up and delivering your slide presentation

Setting up and delivering your slide presentation

Adobe Connect offers some great video tutorials to support you in the setup and delivery of your slide presentation, as well as other content and tools for participant engagement.


Click the video icon below to learn how to add and share your slide presentation:


This video tutorial will demonstrate how to share your screen, desktop applications and annotate shared content:

Want more?
Click here to browse all Adobe Connect video tutorials for other presentation tools and best practices for a successful meeting or webinar.


Frequently asked questions

What do I do if my screen share is frozen?
If your screen share freezes, you can attempt to stop / start sharing again to refresh the session.  If this does not resolve the issue, exit and re-enter the meeting room to reset the connection. 

As a best practice, you can also click here to ensure you have the latest Adobe Connect Add-in, required for screen sharing.


Why am I being asked to install the Adobe Connect Add-in?
The Adobe Connect Meeting Add-in is required to share your screen in an Adobe Connect meeting.

The Add-in can be installed in two ways.
1. It can be automatically installed during a meeting via lightening download where you will be prompted to accept the download upon attempting to screen share or use functionality that requires the Add-in.

2. Alternatively, it can be installed before your meeting (recommended) by clicking here




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