Release Notes (RT 3.5) HUMMINGBIRD - 03/06/2016


The HUMMINGBIRD, RT 3.5 release introduces the new RT Form Enrollment method, enhancements to the re-certification/certificate expiry feature as well as improvements to the display options for Iconic Categories.


New features and enhancements:

 Development of the RT Form Enrollment method. The new RT Form Enrollment method will replace the existing Webinars feature allowing for the creation of custom registration forms with options for learners to select a specific group/event date at the time of registration, incorporate password options for new and existing accounts, control the maximum number of registrations/enrollments for a given event along with ability to set the enrollment duration and expiry, plus access to create and send custom email reminders to participants.

• Enhancements to the re-certification and certificate expiry feature allowing learners to access expired certificates, view certificate issue and expiry dates as distinct columns in the "My Certificates" report, and receive separate email reminders prior to and after their certificate expiry date.  Learners can also be flagged if attempting to re-take a course before it has expired to ensure their grades are reset for re-certification.

Enhancement to Iconic Categories with the ability to make the icons visible by system role, use a file picker for selecting category icons, improvements to the sub-category and course selection options along with the ability to control the order in which the icons are displayed on the page.

Separation of Connect Activities into unique modules allowing for distinct settings to apply to each activity and promote platform scalability.

Modifications to the Sign-in Reconciliation activity to issue certificates based on groups assignment and to allow 3 digit / 1 decimal values for CEU credits.

Updates to the Form Edit Rules to remove and/or require fields on specified course webinar registration forms.

Addition of all custom user profile fields as column and filter options for all Report Builder data sources.

Option to allow labels to display to non-logged in user on LMS landing page.



Minor Updates:

Disabled automatic capitalization of first name and last name on account creation form.

Setting in certificate activity to select the display of certificate name or course name now maintained in backup/restore process.

Setting in certificate activity to select the display of certificate name or course name now maintained in backup/restore process.

Removal of the "RT Category" title in user account forms.

Code fix to ensure user permissions are validated when creating Adobe Connect meetings from the RT Platform.

Bug Fixes:

• Resolved issue with duplicate values in the Role Alert feature.

Resolved error when attempting to edit user Profile Field Enrollment.

Resolved issue with certain images appearing on webinar form page.

Resolved error displayed when editing a manager or location.

Resolved error in how grading thresholds were being saved in Connect Recording activity.

Display of setting for reminder messages now being saved for Connect Meetings.

Display issues with custom icons for Connect activities resolved.

Resolved error displayed when opening competencies in the Hierarchies feature.


Version: RT 3.5 - Hummingbird Release

Production Release date: 2016-03-06

Browser Required: IE 9 or higher, Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest), Safari (latest).

System Requirement: Discontinued support for Windows XP

Product Overview: Minor release after Moodle 2.7 upgrade (RT 3.0) based on the Moodle version 2.7

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