Setting up breakouts with Smart Distribute

To set up your breakout session click on the VP Assistant Panel dropdown menu, select the Breakouts tab and click the Smart Distribute button.

Smart Distribute

Smart Distribute

1. Distribute attendees

Smart Distribute evenly distributes users with compatible audio connections to the existing breakout rooms. (See Audio Conflicts below for details.)

To change the available breakout rooms see "How do I modify the available breakout groups?"

2. Apply Breakout

If the Smart Distribute breakout configuration is satisfactory and it is not time to start breakouts, click Apply Breakouts. This will save the breakout configuration  and close the Assistant Panel.

To start the breakouts later in the session, reopen the VP Assistant Panel, choose the Breakouts tab, select Smart Distribute and click Apply and Start Breakouts.

3. Apply and Start Breakouts

If his configuration is satisfactory and you are ready to start breakouts immediately, click Apply and Start Breakouts.  

Changing the Smart Distribute breakout configuration

Changing the Smart Distribute breakout configuration

If you want to change the Smart Distribute breakout configuration, simply drag and drop attendees into different breakout rooms.

Note: Attendees on Phone connections can only be assigned to Breakouts 1 to 7.

Audio Conflicts

Smart Distribute indicates an attendee's audio connection type (Phone, VOIP or Just Listening) by the icon to the left the attendee's name. The icon key is located at the upper left of the Smart Distribute panel.

You cannot place a Phone attendee in a breakout room with a VOIP or Just Listening attendee. Doing so creates an audio conflict that is identified by a red background. The affected VOIP and Just Listening attendees will be prompted to switch to Phone audio. A conflict renders attendees unable to communicate verbally within the breakout room.

Audio Conflicts

For instructions on switching from VOIP or Just Listening to phone see "How do I change my audio settings?".


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