How do I control attendee display order?

By default, hosts and presenters are displayed first, with participants following. Participants are sorted in order of their arrival in the meeting room.

1. Pin an attendee

To pin an Attendee display to the front of the Attendee display list, hover over the Attendee display and click the Pin icon. The pinned attendee display will appear first on every page. (If you scroll to page two, three or four, the pinned attendee appears first on each page.)

Subsequent pins replace the first attendee and move a previously pinned attendee directly to the right of the new pin.

2. Display selected attendees

To display selected attendees, enter a search string in the Search dialogue box in the top menu bar. Only displays for attendee names matching the search criteria will be displayed. To undo the search delete the search string.

3. Display attendees alphabetically

To reorder attendee displays alphabetically, select the Quick Access menu and click on the A-Z option.

Pinned attendees remain first on every page, hosts and presenters are first after pins on the first page and the remaining participants are then placed alphabetically.

Note: The A-Z option must be refreshed as participants enter the room.

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