Tech support scenario 3 - Connection information

An attendee experiences latency problems manifested in unreliable VoIP audio and slow performance within the Connect meeting room.

The Adobe Connect server block provides information about the connection to the Adobe Connect server. If multiple attendees experience 1) a connection rating less than "Excellent" or 2) a high latency (see "How do I identify attendee latency, bandwidth and connectivity problems?"), this indicates a problem with the Adobe server. Contact Adobe Technical support at 800-422-3623 for information.

A connection rating below "Excellent" or a high latency for only one attendee suggests the problem resides with the attendee's Internet connection. Have the attendee run the speed test in the System information block of the Attendee information panel (see "Attendee information panel" or the screenshot below). This will provide information about the attendee's connection to the Vantage Point server.  If latency remains high, this may indicate a problem with the attendee's Internet connection. Have the attendee do a final check using If the results are unsatisfactory, have the attendee report the problem to his or her Internet Service Provider.

System information block speed test

System information block speed test


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