Why use the Assistant Panel?

The Vantage Point Assistant Panel simplifies and extends control of three critical web-meeting functions: recording, audio and breakout sessions. These functions can be managed within Adobe Connect itself, but the Assistant Panel offers the meeting host more powerful one-stop control of these essential web conferencing elements. The Assistant Panel allows a meeting host to:

  • start and stop session recording
  • pause a session recording for a specified amount of time and alert attendees with a customizable pop-up window
  • time sessions and selectively display session duration to attendees
  • quickly access audio conference information
  • easily mute all attendees
  • control attendee audio
  • intelligently configure breakout groups
  • export and import breakout group settings

The Assistant Panel is designed to ensure quick access to essential meeting functions and minimize the time you spend managing your session, controlling your audio and managing breakouts. It's designed to help you create a rich and engaging web meeting environment.

Opening the Assistant Panel

To open the Assistant Panel click on the VP Assistant dropdown menu to the right of the VP Console icon.

Opening the Assistant Panel
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