How do I change my audio settings?

The Audio Panel

To change your audio settings, open the Audio Panel by clicking the dropdown menu to the right of the green microphone or handset icon (depending on whether you're connected to conference audio via computer or a telephone, respectively).

The Audio Panel

1. Controlling your audio volume

Click and drag the slider to the desired volume setting.

2. Muting your audio

Click the Mute button to mute your audio. This will not mute other attendees' audio.

3. Selecting your microphone

Click on the dropdown menu to the right of the current microphone name. Click on the desired microphone.

4. Disconnecting from the audio teleconference

Click on the Disconnect button. You can reconnect at any time. See "Joining the Conference Audio."

5. Switching your audio device

To switch form phone to computer or computer to phone, click the Switch to button. The Audio Wizard will open.

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