How do I identify attendee latency, bandwidth and connectivity problems?

Attendee display information icon

The color of the Attendee display information icon will alert you to attendee latency issues as follows:

  • White - normal
  • Orange - 2 to 5 seconds of latency
  • Red - over 5 seconds of latency
Attendee display information icon

Attendee information panel

Detailed bandwidth, latency and port information is available in the Attendee information panel. See "Attendee information panel" for details.

Attendee information panel

Latency and performance

Latency should be less than 100ms. Once latency exceeds the 120 -150ms range, you will begin to notice the delay in VoIP. Once it exceeds 200ms, you will start to notice it in meeting room activities such as screen share, webcam performance and  transition between pods.

If an attendee experiences latency issues, you can recommend the attendee drop his or her screen resolution. Screen resolution and bandwidth are directly correlated.

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