Global Connect settings

Global Connect settings provide site-wide administrative options for the integration between Adobe Connect and the Refined Training platform.

Global Connect settings can be accessed from Site administration >>>> Plugins >>>> Local plugins >>>> Connect

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 Iconic Display


General settings

Enable Debug logging in Refined Services 

This setting may be use to enabled debug logging in Refined Services if encountering an issue with a learners' access to connect services and/or activities from the LMS. If enabling this setting, contact Refined Training for further investigation and disabled once the investigation is complete. 

Override AC password on existing accounts

Enabled by default, this setting ensures that accounts which existed in Adobe Connect prior to being created in the LMS will have their AC password reset, if required, to be effectively synced with Refined Services.  

While the majority of Adobe Connect accounts are created from the LMS as part of the integration, any accounts that were created in Adobe Connect directly and independent of the LMS may prefer to preserve their AC credentials.  In which case, the setting should be disabled.

Note: by disabling this setting, these accounts may have difficulty accessing Adobe Connect and Connect content from the LMS, in this case contact Refined Training for more information.

Update on Connect Central

When this setting is enabled information added to the LMS will be updated on Adobe Connect. In order to create Adobe Connect Meetings directly in the LMS this setting must be enabled. When disabled Adobe Connect can be accessed from the LMS and activities can be created from existing meetings and content. 

Update date information

This setting is typically disabled, in particularly for clients who are reusing meeting rooms from Adobe Connect on the LMS. In the event the setting is enabled the date information for a Connect meeting will be updated when changed on the LMS.

Pre-requisite Regrade

Enabling Pre-requisite Regrade triggers the LMS to check Adobe Connect for grades on Connect Activities when the learner clicks on the "Proceed when complete" or "retry" link to unlock the next activity after a pre-requisite activity is complete.    

Note: enabling this setting may impact site performance as it increases the amount of calls being made to Adobe Connect.

Mouseover for students

This setting determines whether a mouseover menu is displayed to learners on Connect Activities.  Mouseover menu contains the Connect Activity descriptions and an alternate link to launch the activity.  

Popup Window Height and Width

This settings allow you to designate the default size (in pixels) of the popup window that launches a Connect meeting or activity. 

Maximum views set on activities

This setting is disabled when left at the default of -1.  When changing the number to a "0" or positive value, this value then establishes a limit to the number of times users can access individual Connect activities.


Iconic Display

Allow Icon Display

By enabling Allow Icon Display, you will have the option to select a standard icon or upload a custom icon to be displayed on the course page for Connect Activities. Learners can click on the icon to launch the activity. When this setting is disabled the ability to add icons to our course page is not available.

Display on course page

Enabling this setting will select the Display on course page option by default for all your Connect Activities.  You can change this setting manually from within each Connect Activity settings page.  

When this setting is disabled for an activity, a link will display on the course page to a separate page for the learner to then launch the activity. 

Standard Icons and Icon Position

These settings allow you to set the default Icon size and Position for all your Connect Activities. You can change this setting manually from within each Connect Activity settings page.

Suppress all Icon text

Use this setting to Suppress all Icon text for your Connect Activities by default. You can change this setting manually from within each Connect Activity settings page.



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