Vantage Point (6.5) & rPhone (6.5) - 4/3/2016

Release notes Vantage Point 6.5 and rPhone 6.5


Vantage Point - New features and updates:

  • Auto-record capability added to Vantage Point.
  • New support mode added allowing clients to provide technical support and not publish video streams or launch challenge questions.
  • Launch Vantage Point top button is now located beside other AC buttons and directly launches the VP console.
  • URL links to the VP console are now are available in the VP Console settings.
  • Vantage Point console now shows when users are blocked by flash or chrome permissions with the option to request users unblock access. 
  • New user interface for camera and tracking.
  • New version/cache controller system to optimize download time for the Vantage Point pod.
  • Quick access added to Vantage Point allowing: unblock all, turn off all cameras, mute all microphones, clear status and unpin all users.
  • Update to session pause dialogue window.
  • Session time now displays.
  • Bandwidth test will now be set automatically.
  • Vantage Point button is now hidden when another pod is in full screen mode.
  • Smart Distribute option added for use with breakout rooms allowing VOIP connections to work with rPhone connections. 

Vantage Point - fixes:

  • Resolve issue where ending the session was not ending the recording.
  • Export breakout files changed from .xml to .txt to resolve problems with Chrome.
  • Update user name if has changed in Adobe Connect.
  • Bug fixed where starting and stopping breakout rooms was disconnecting users from Vantage Point.
rPhone - New features and updates:
  • Ability to auto-detect a users phone number if registered in Adobe Connect as well as their region.
  • New Audio Wizard to support with audio connection.
  • Addition of the new rPhone Audio panel as a dropdown from the native Adobe Connect microphone/telephone tab.
  • Smart Distribute option to work with breakout rooms.
  • Optimizations to the "Who's talking" feature.
  • rPhone button is hidden when other pods are in full screen.

rPhone - fixes:

  • Server optimization and bandwidth reductions.
  • Bug fixed where starting and stopping breakout rooms was disconnecting users from rPhone.
  • Fix: Loop check to start conference.  Now rPhone will connect faster when host requests to start conference after meeting was idle for a long time.


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