Setting up your S3 Bucket on the Amazon Server

All Refined Data hosted clients have access to an S3 Bucket on the Amazon Server to store and access content including videos, images, files etc..
To access this repository, you first need a file management tool such as Cyberduck (recommended).
Click here to download Cyberduck for windows
Click here to download Cyberduck for MAC

Once downloaded, select: "Open Connection" button (top left) and selest "S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) then input the credentials found in your RT Platform under Site Administration >>> Plugins >>> Repositories >>> RT Amazon S3


Once the connection is open, you can upload and manage your files in the intuitive file management system.
To select a URL to the file for access from your LMS, simply click on the item and select "Get Info" button in the top menu, then highlight and copy the Web URL for use in your LMS.
Note: The S3 bucket can be accessed from other file management systems using the same credentials.


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